Confessions a 20th century ne'er do well: Drinking, fighting, stealing and other things one generally ought not do

Monday, September 19, 2005

Invitation to art gallery

I'm being vague so nobody googles and sees me being a geek about this, but the keyboard player of my favorite singer's band just invited me to a cocktail party at his wife's art gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It conflicts with a work committment that I've been instructed to be at, but he's been a guest on the show (which is why I know him) so this is guest relations.
I would risk my job for this, though.
By the way, the next day is the singer's birthday, for whatever that bit of trivia is worth.
.... I figure I got invited to make sure there is someone who can talk comfortably about Bananaman.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The appeal joke is always funny.

If it were Celeryman instead of Bananaman, I'd probably be considered a stalker.
Fortunately, celery stalks don't have appeal, as far as I see it.

Monday, September 12, 2005

You have to admit. It did have appeal.

I think I may have finally run out of things to say about Bananaman. It was bound to happen.
I had quite a run.
I'll bet I hold the world record for talking about Bananaman.
Remember. If you're going to cheat, you might as well paint yourself yellow, run around like a maniac, and call yourself Bananaman. Cause that's what you're doin'!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

This is a great song. I wish I could find a copy!

My wife left town with a banana.
Love's a rotten deal!
Found that yellow devil hiding in her purse.
He was cold, he was hard, but he had a peel.
I hope this never happens to you.
Some fruit breaks your marrige in two.
My wife left town with a banana.
My baby's slippin' away.

(Short musical interlude)

My wife left town with a banana.
I'm a jealous man.
She found a six-inch latin lover.
Nnow she does the tango with her right hand.
And right now I could just die.
He's eating my banana cream pie!
My wife left town with a banana.
My baby's slippin', my baby's slippin', my baby's slippin' away!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

OK, NOW Bananaman may have jumped the shark

My girlfriend's friend told her she was going to nickname me "Bananaman." I told her that would be of great offense to the real Bananaman, and that I couldn't really accept such a title - it would be like claiming to be the golden calf.
After she got off the phone, I had to ask how she knew about Bananaman.
"I told her"
"OK, but what did you tell her?"
"I told her that you like to talk about Bananaman."
"Didn't she think that was weird?"
"But it is pretty wierd! How does the topic of my talking about Bananaman come up?"
"I don't remember."
"But did she have any qestions about what context I talk about Bananaman? Isn't it a little vague to say I talk about Bananaman? What in the world is there to say?"

I think it's weird that they can have a conversation about me talking about Bananaman without finding it highly unusual, to the point of disturbing.

Someone recently asked how she puts up with me talking about Bananaman all the time.

I don't talk about Bananaman ALL the time! I just talk about Bananaman more than anyone else does. It's not like I work it into every conversation! If I talked about Mayor Bloomberg as much as I talked about Bananaman, I don't think I'd even qualify as a fan of politics. But, since nobody else ever talks about it, I come off as being obsessed. It's not like anyone else talks about Bananaman, but I do it alot - it's just that compared to everyone else's never, my sometimes is alot.

Also. I may have successfully snuck Bananaman's favorite joke into the intro to next week's show.