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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Try Take Five, and Who is Proust?

Who is this guy Marcel Proust? I keep hearing his name as a pinicle of literatary achivement, but I have no idea who he is. Someone said about the Davinvi Code "It's not Proust" to signify it was easy reading.
Tim in the office says he likes the novels of Proust to signify that he's a high brow guy.
In this movie South Pacific, this Plantation owner (who believes in freedom, but owns a plantation, cause natives often freely choose to give up half their island and tend to it for some foreign dude's benefit), tries to woo this nurse by telling her he has proust novels in his library (because something like that would be impossible to get on the mainland).
One time, TAB mentioned Proust on his blog and even CL got excited about it.

Can someone sum up for me:
Who the hell is Proust?
What does he signify?
What is so great about him?
Is this something I need to concern myself with?

Also in South Pacific, there is an island called Bananali High.
Which is funny, because that's also where Bananaman went to high school.

Most importantly,
I've just discovered the new best candy bar ever concieved.
It's made of pretzels, caramel, peanuts, peanut butter, and milk chocolate.
It's called a Take 5. I don't even know what made me try it.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Investigations into the Invisible World

There is a documentary called Investigations into the Invisible World on Sundance Channel.
The thesis is that in Iceland, many people believe in elves, fairies and trolls. So the filmmaker is interviewing people with stories about their experiences talking to these mythical creatures.

What is interesting about this thesis is that there is a fantasy book series called "His Dark Materials" - kind of an athiest's "Chronicals of Narnia." Where a multitude of worlds exist, and the bridge between these worlds is up north (in another world, probably equal to iceland in this world). So I wonder if this Iceland thing is well known.
Also, I wonder if this documentary is being shown to prime people for the impending movie of the book.

But here is the most important - and appealing - line I've heard yet in this documentary. A little girl tells of her experience with a creature of myth.....

".......The elf woman opened her door and I went inside. She gave me a spiral-shaped cake and some funnny BANANA JUICE......"


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bananaman's Oscar Review

Why does everyone say Crash "addressed" racism?
Isn't the correct word "Justified"

Ludicris complains that white people think he's a criminal. Bam. He's a criminal.
Sandra Bullock is mistrustful of her maid, but it's not because she's a bad person, it's because she was mugged. And her racism, which we're shown existed before the mugging, doesn't make her a bad person, because ultimately, she's contrite.

Matt Dillon, we're not shown the source at his initial racism, but the target, Shaquana, is a horrible person who chooses to let his father suffer - the lesson there was don't be racist, because although justified (letting a man die for his son's obnoxious comment is not equal), there may be consequences.

When Matt Dillon pulled over the director, his uppity wife asked for some kind of retribution by mouthing off to the cop, and even though he went too far, it's OK, because he's a hero.

And the black director, well, he's just a lunitic, and without Ryan Filepe to help him, he'd be dead. (I guess we're ok for assuming this about most black guys)

And finally, When Ryan Filepe killed Don Cheadle's brother, it may have been paranoia, but ultimately, the guy was a criminal. (a safe assumption for black guys)

That's not why I didn't like the movie, Other than that, the characters were one dimensional and I felt like most of the movie was a cliche.

An oscar? Damn, I thought at best it was honorable mention for a student film competition.

Oh yeah, and something about some Mexican guy who almost got killed by some Arab guy that had nothing to do with the rest of the movie.

Ang Lee seems to have a thing for men who have an alter identity that they have to keep hidden from society, and they struggle from the fact that when they're overcome with emotion, they need an outlet for their real selves to come out.

At least that's what the Hulk was about.
Did anyone else think that the montage of biopics should have been called "101 biographies you should be reading instead of watching this"
Do you think Batman Begins didn't receive a nomination because they didn't want to snub George Clooney, a former sub par Batman?
Do you think they didn't nominate Batman Begins because they didn't want to snub Bananaman?